Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jan. 22: Class Introduction and Head-Smashed-In Video

Jan. 22 (yesterday) was the first day of class. We introduced ourselves, and our personal interests in archaeology, handed out and discussed the class syllabus, standards and expectations, and the required texts.

The class then watched a video from the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. It was a good introduction to the ancient lifeways and contemporary culture of the Piegan Blackfeet who live here in Montana and across the border in Canada. Archaeologists and tribal members described the positive changes in interactions between the Blackfeet and archaeologists who had learned the importance of consultation and partnering with indigenous people. The whole website is great. For this class, be sure and read the pages on Archaeological Facts here with page 2 on the landscape of a buffalo jumphere at the Head-Smashed-In website. There is also an excellent 15-page PDF document called Buffalo Tracks you should download and read for this class.

Buffalo jumps are perhaps the most spectacular type of prehistoric Native American-associated site in Montana. You can visit buffalo jumps in Montana too…such as at Madison Buffalo Jump near Three Forks, Wahkpa Chug'n near Havre, and the First People's Buffalo Jump (near Ulm, between Helena and Great Falls; it is also known as the Ulm Pishkun). Read the post below from Friday, January 18 to find out more.

Reading assignments for Thursday’s class (Jan. 24):
Ashmore and Sharer, Chapter 1: “Introduction,” pp. 1-24; Feder, Chapter 1: “Science and Pseudoscience,” pp. 1-16

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